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This is applicable if you are using our services; subscribing to Jirlie, using any of our trial versions, requesting for a demo or contacting us for enquiry via e-mail.

We use cookies within our online services (such as websites, browser-based applications, or apps) as well as other technologies that gather information that helps us improve these services and your online experience. Some of the cookies or other technologies used require your explicit consent. We ask that you consent to the use of cookies so that you can fully enjoy all the features provided by our online services. We provide this notice to you to comply with our legal obligation to let you know what cookies we use when you use our online services and how we protect your privacy.

We refer to “cookies” for all technologies, including text file-based (“classical”) cookies, web beacons, pixels, as well as script trackers and other programmatic client-side technologies that can capture user information, explain its purpose, extent of use, and opportunities to manage and control the behaviour of these technologies. For the sake of consistency, all of these methods will collectively be referred to as "cookies" unless explicitly differentiated between individual methods. The Cookie Policy applies to our online services under the domains owned by Neu Ocean; including but not limited to and The Cookie Policy can be accessed, saved and printed on our website at any time.

By using our online services, you agree that we may use cookies in accordance with this Policy. For more information about our use of your information, see our Privacy Policy.

Cookies and other technologies are used to enable certain features within online services, such as the recognition of a user, to save preferences of a user, user-unique transactions or transaction-related data, and for additional security when a user logs in to his user account. Furthermore, cookies are used to collect information about the use of an online service and improve its use and make it more efficient. These technologies are also used by almost all online services – which may also be offered by third parties – to detect whether the online service has already been called up with the same device and browser in order to adapt and, in some cases, vary the content displayed.

Cookies and other technologies can be set and used by Neu Ocean, but also by third parties who are not part of Neu Ocean, but whose content is integrated within our online service. This includes content such as videos, online-based applications, or analytical tools that help us to improve this online service, as well as content that is user-enabled, such as clicks on "share" buttons with content from social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. For third-party cookies, this Policy applies equally. Whether a cookie comes from a first-party vendor or a third-party vendor depends on the domain that places the cookie. First-party cookies are cookies placed by the online service that the user visits. Third-party cookies are cookies placed by a domain other than the domain of the online service that the user visits. Third-party providers place their cookies in the online service of the first-party provider, as long as they provide technologies that the first-party provider uses or provides to its users within its online service. Neu Ocean has agreed on Commissioned Data Processing Agreements or comparable agreements according to Art. 28 (3) GDPR with these third-party providers.

Cookies can only be read from the online service from which the cookie originated. Cookies do not collect personal information stored on your device. Cookies are just the key to connecting to personal information, if it has been collected at all.