Plan, manage and control all your business at one place.

Automate your legacy transactions within the business. Save time and focus on what matters; either take care of your customers, deal with your business partners or take better decisions. Extends automation to business with others.

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The simplest and most agile user experience for all business aspects at one responsive dashboard, customizable for each user, accessible anytime from anywhere

Automate your business day-to-day tasks

Do more in less time

focus more on your customers and your growth.





Growing business successfully depends largely on efficiency and sustainable operations. And a successful digital transformation process is your way. We offer you an amusing digitalisation journey you gonna enjoy.

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Why Neu Ocean

Put our solution to work. Invest your time where it's needed


User Experience

Once you get an access, you're good to go. The dashboard is typically easy and suitable for self learners.

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Decision making

Thanks to reporting tools and powerful data analytics, you can rest assured your decisions are made wisely.

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Your website is your system interface

Your website is hosted on and its contents are controlled by the system.

Enjoy a seamless sync between your system and website contents.

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Our Clients

Why companies like Jirlie?

"A simple, effective dashboard that allows us to make smart decisions"

We sought a smart system that would help us provide excellent customer service while upsaling. But when Jirlie was recommended to us, the impact on in-store execution, price analysis and other business intelligence features made a significant benefit which is expanding our market reach. 

Ahmad Sayed

Co-founder - Vault Auto Solutions

"Creating the beautiful ease of doing business"

It's becoming more difficult to handle all of our company operations and documents, and we were on the verge of ceasing communication. When we decided to go for Jirlie and we couldn't be happier with our decision. We're on the right track and it seems like it's part of the plan.

Kal Qassab

CEO - VOLCAS Trading

"Providing all of the tools I required on a single platform"

The system is well presented by its integration with the website, the ease that existing data can be migrated, and Jirlie, the virtual assistant who handles transactions between the system and the business partners.

Bassam Milan

Managing Director - Steven Austin Limited

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