Digital Transformation Of The Construction Industry – A Breakthrought In The Hot Market

Construction is a capital-intensive business renowned for large capital expenditures. It does, however, provide substantial chances for digital change. The world's largest asset class is real estate.

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CortexIMS is designed to empower companies to harness the full potential of technology, fundamentally changing the way they plan, execute, and manage construction projects.

The digital transformation of the construction industry is crucial. Construction companies will stop missing deadlines and losing huge budgets, and their customers will enjoy a high-quality experience.

The UAE has seen a notable upsurge in the real estate and construction industries in recent years. The real estate market in Dubai may be about to experience its biggest boom in ten years, according to Allsopp & Allsopp.

It's concerning, however, to learn that about one-third of Dubai's new building projects are falling behind schedule and losing a significant amount of money in the process.

With its reliance on manual and paper-based project management procedures, construction projects frequently encounter difficulties like cost overruns, delays, poor communication, a lack of real-time data, and ineffective resource management. Conventional techniques for organising, monitoring, and overseeing building projects take a lot of time, are prone to mistakes, and are ineffective. Spreadsheets, manual data input, and paper-based documentation all result in errors, misunderstandings, and delays that eventually affect project budgets and schedules.

These problems may result in lower output, higher expenses, and strained client relations. Construction companies cannot optimise their operations and streamline their procedures without a centralised, automated system in place. The absence of coordination and communication among project stakeholders is a serious issue facing the market. Both big players and small businesses deal with these issues.

The industry requires sophisticated digital services that speed up and elevate the quality of the process while offering assistance at every turn. The government is in favour of the digitization of the industry.

Regarding the need for digital solutions in the construction sector, it's important to remember that digitization is a global trend that has been steadily increasing.

Thus, utilizing Jirlie Framework, Neu Ocean developed a cutting-edge digital platform for CortexIMS, a Dubai-based construction technology venture, in 2024. With the help of CortexIMS, construction companies may revolutionise the way they plan, carry out, and oversee construction projects and overcome market challenges.

With real-time data and analytics available, this novel cloud-based platform facilitates effective project management and decision-making. Task scheduling, budget management, communication, document sharing, and reporting are all supported by the platform's capabilities. Through the implementation of CortexIMS, construction companies can enhance teamwork, optimise workflow, and boost output and earnings. It is simple to use and blends in well with current systems. Additionally, it is scalable to meet the requirements of projects of any size. This is a scalable system that can be expanded into multiple international markets.

The combination of the outstanding construction industry experience of the CortexIMS team and the flawless technical solution offered by Neu Ocean Technologies has enabled the reaching the CortexIMS MVP stage.


  1. DESIGN-BUILD Seamless design-build process. From concept to completion, an integrated approach combines design and construction services under one roof, streamlining communication, reducing costs, and accelerating project timelines.

  1. PROJECT FINANCING ASSISTANCE Navigating project financing can be complex. Comprehensive assistance with navigating project financing. Budgeting, cost estimation, and securing funding sources for construction projects.

  1. RENOVATION AND REMODELING Space transformation through renovation and redevelopment services. Thanks to innovative design solutions and professional skills, each property takes on a new life.


  1. Cloud solutions

  1. Real-Time Data and Analytics: CortexIMS provides real-time data and analytics capabilities, enabling construction firms to access up-to-date information on project performance, resource utilization, and budget tracking. By leveraging data-driven insights, stakeholders can make informed decisions and optimize project outcomes.

  1. Task Scheduling: platform includes robust task scheduling tools that allow project managers to create, assign, and track tasks efficiently. With intuitive scheduling features, construction firms can ensure timely completion of project milestones and improve overall project coordination.

  1. Budget Management: CortexIMS offers comprehensive budget management functionality, enabling construction firms to track project expenses, monitor budget allocations, and forecast costs accurately. By maintaining control over project finances, firms can mitigate cost overruns and ensure financial accountability.

  1. Communication Tools: Facilitating seamless communication among project stakeholders is essential for project success. CortexIMS includes communication tools such as messaging systems, collaboration spaces, and notifications to enhance team collaboration, streamline information sharing, and foster effective communication.

  1. Document Sharing: Centralized document management is crucial for construction projects with multiple stakeholders and complex documentation requirements. CortexIMS provides a secure document sharing platform that allows users to store, organize, and share project documents efficiently, ensuring easy access to critical project information.

  1. Reporting: Monitoring project progress and performance is simplified with CortexIMS's reporting capabilities. Platform offers customizable reporting features that enable construction firms to generate detailed reports on project metrics, KPIs, and performance indicators, facilitating data-driven decision-making and project evaluation.


  1. Microservices Architecture
  2. Containers and Orchestration 
  3. Serverless Computing 
  4. Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  5. Jirlie Framework
  6. MariaDB

CortexIMS will be a game-changer for the construction industry. By leveraging this cutting-edge solution, construction firms can streamline projects, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity to unprecedented levels.

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Chief Business Enhancement Officer, Neu Ocean Technologies Ltd,

Ex-founder of a fintech startup with a strong banking background Early - stage startup investor. Project management, Product management, Finance and investment, VC, Digital marketing.

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