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Neu Ocean - Digital Transformation Solution

Kick Off Your Digital Business Journey

From better data gathering to a better customer experience, accelerated digital transformation results in cost savings and higher profitability.

Making Business

Aggrandize your selected modules using our one-of-a-kind business management system and have your business on the road to sustainable success.

Improve Productivity
And Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency by going digital. Saves you time, and reduce aggravation. Because digital business is synonymous with efficient business.

Digital Transformation Solutions Provider

Customize Your Business, Your Way

At Neu Ocean, we enable access to business transformation for millions of people with various scales of business, as well as we invest in the development of our employees and partners. We are here to meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers with convenient and attractive services and tools.

Uptime Servers



Customer Satisfaction

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We are here to build a foundation of partnership between our companies and provide you with our commitment and dedication, bearing in mind the success of your established corporation.


Let your business work for you

Increase data transparency

Innovate and empower your business

Collaborate across departments easier

Create a better organizational structure

Allow your business grow faster and smarter

Our Services

Jirlie Cloud

Jirlie Cloud

All Services in One Platform

Provides entrepreneurs, SMEs, freelancers and startups with all the services a business could need

Cloud-based Platform

Equipped with AI technology to always be one step ahead of the game.

Business On The Go

Wherever your business takes you, you will stay connected, reachable and productive.

Latest Technologies

Demonstrate your products and services using virtual reality, augmented reality and hologram.

Jirlie Enterprise

Jirlie Enterprise


On-demand customization to suit your needs for your business

Increased Productivity

New and up-to-date technologies for an efficient work environment.


Adapting to the ever-changing business environment, increasing productivity.

Customer Experience Solutions

Transforming business through innovative applications like AI and AR.

Jirlie Enterprise

For a Unique and Seamless Customer Experience

The transformation process streamlines the business for simplicity, achieves business automation, increases service quality, improves service delivery and reduce cost.

All in One

Manage all your business aspects in one dashboard without the need to open many windows, jump from a software to another or rely on various resources.


Include your unified communication tools such as VoIP telephony, virtual PBX, online meeting, video conference or call center.


Link with eCommerce platforms, POS, bank accounts, payment gateways, SMS gateways, WhatsApp, social media and other APIs.


Be able to coop with your team members anytime from anywhere on the cloud and simultaneously exchange files and documents.


Support your decision making with AI, machine learning, data analytics and infographic reports.


Make your business ready to adapt with the changes and avoid scrambling and suspension of operation. Simplifying customer’s journey is a big plus.

What Our Clients Say?

We take a hands-on approach to assisting clients to guarantee that the system deployment is as easy, quick, and successful as possible. The outcomes our customers have witnessed have been nothing short of spectacular. We'll let them tell you what they think.

“ I chose Neu Ocean because I could not really find another system provider who could provide all of the tools I required on a single platform. The system is well presented by its integration with the website, the ease that existing data can be migrated, and Jirlie, the virtual assistant who handles coordination between the BMS and the business partners. ”

Bassam Milan

Managing Director, Steven Austin Ltd.

“ We sought a smart system that would help us provide excellent customer service while allowing us to upsale. But when Jirlie was recommended to us, the impact on in-store execution, price analysis and other business intelligence features pleased us. Furthermore, the flexibility with which we may integrate is a significant benefit that will expand our market reach. ”

Ahmad Sabry

Co-founder, Vault Auto Solutions

“ It was becoming more difficult to handle all of our company's systems, and we were on the verge of ceasing communication. That's when we decided to make a change and switch to Jirlie, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. We're on the right track, and it already seems like it's part of the plan. ”

Khaled Al Qassab

Managing Director, VOLCAS Trading DMCC

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