About Us

Empowering Business

Digitizing customer experience, enabling innovation, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Concept initiated

It was observed that high-capacity networks, low-cost computers and storage devices, as well as broad adoption of business transformation and business automation, all contributed to the expansion of the cloud and increased demand for cloud computing and cloud-based services.

Jirlie formed

Since then, a team of technology enthusiasts has been delving deeply into this, and the concept that Neu Ocean's product line is predicated on has blazed brightly in their thoughts like a brilliant star and it was dubbed 'Jirlie.' The concept was reformed, refined, and improved in every way until it became more mature, complete, and relevant.

Market Verified

In mid 2020, when the COVID-19 Pandemic firm set in, Neu Ocean solutions became essential to enterprises across all industries as digital business transformation solutions promoted, engaged, and grew while socially distancing and working from home.

Company Established

In 2022, Neu Ocean Technologies was founded to take the business world by storm, giving groundbreaking services that will benefit the people in the business.

The Executive Team

Amir Negm

Chief Executive Officer

Bahaa A.G.

Chief Technical Officer

Anna Nikulina

Chief Business Development Officer

Tony Karam

Chief Information Officer

Lisa Brown

Business Associate

Sumaiyah Qadri

Administrative Director
Experienced Leadership

"We are a revolutionary team of technology enthusiasts who are literally building the future of work, to a level of quality that exceeds the global standards you will find anywhere else. We are a blend of diversified creativity and technical wizardry. None of us oversees steady-state operations. When we are done with a challenge, we move to the next one. We feel proud of what we do and we make others proud too."

- Amir R. Negm